Trinity Prep School is approved to receive students who are eligible for the Georgia Special Needs Program. Our education program has several benefits that help those students with special needs. First, we have a low teacher to student ratio, which allows for a more personal, individualized approach to education. The teaching staff uses highly motivating and encouraging interaction techniques with all students.

We understand that different students respond in varied ways to certain learning techniques, so we emphasize an approach to teaching that engages the visual, auditory, musical, kinesthetic and other learning modes of students. In addition, our curriculum has several important benefits. The curriculum uses God-honoring, high-quality textbooks and teaching aids that are vivid and fun.
Powerline Remediation Program Brochure

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program

The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship provides eligible special education students with the opportunity to attend another public or private school.

Special Needs Student Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  1. The student’s parent currently resides within Georgia and has been a Georgia resident for at least one calendar year; and
  2. The student has spent the prior school year in attendance in a Georgia public school in grades K-12 and was in attendance on both the October and March FTE counts; and
    3.  The student was served under an Individualized Education Program (IEP) written by the school in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations at any point during the previous school year; and
    4.  The student is enrolled at one of the state’s approved participating private schools by the posted deadline – no exception.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are required to read and comply with the policy found at the Department of Education’s website. Visit the Georgia Special Needs Program website to learn more.

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