During your Sophomore Year…

Start your search engines

We recommend that you begin to think about what colleges you might like. If you are not sure if college is for you, begin to search for trade schools and military options. Consider beginning Dual Enrollment and taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity offered to you by Trinity Prep and Truett McConnell University.

Think about the location, the programs of study, the cost, and all other details. Picking the correct college or career for you is a major life decision, so begin thinking about where you would like to go now. We also recommend that you begin to schedule tours and visit the colleges or other career options that you admire at this time.

What about the money?

Looking into financial aid and scholarship options is another good thing to start your sophomore year of high school. Some scholarships require a certain GPA or test score, so you can set specific goals for yourself in those areas, and others have application processes that you may want to investigate early.

Let’s talk about HOPE and Zell Miller

What is the HOPE Scholarship and what are the academic eligibility requirements?

The HOPE Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that provides assistance towards the cost of tuition at eligible public and private Georgia postsecondary institutions. A student must graduate from an eligible high school with a minimum 3.0 HOPE GPA (as calculated by GSFC) and meet specific rigor course requirements.

What is the Zell Miller Scholarship and what are the academic eligibility requirements?

The Zell Miller Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that provides full tuition at a public postsecondary institution and tuition assistance at an eligible private postsecondary institution. A student must graduate from an eligible high school as valedictorian or salutatorian (meeting the requirements of the HOPE Scholarship) or graduate with a minimum 3.7 Zell Miller GPA (as calculated by GSFC) along with a minimum combined score of 1200 on the math and reading portions of the SAT or a minimum composite score of 26 on the ACT (single national administration of either test) and meet specific rigor course requirements.

What are rigor course requirements?

Students graduating from an eligible high school must meet rigorous course requirements (in addition to other requirements) in order to be eligible for the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships. Discuss course options with your high school counselor if you are not sure whether a course meets the rigor requirement.

Graduate on or after May 1, 2017, and beyond – must earn four rigor course credits

Trinity Prep offers the high school students the rigor courses that are required above

Further details regarding Rigor Course Requirements can be found at: https://www.gafutures.org/media/113414/rigor-course-list-july-2016.pdf

How do I apply for the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship?

A student may apply for the scholarships by completing the FAFSA (https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa), which will need to be completed each academic year. Check with the postsecondary institution’s financial aid office for scholarship eligibility after submitting an application. Additional documentation may be required by the postsecondary institution.

How much do HOPE Scholarship and Zell Miller Scholarship pay?

The HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships assists with the cost of tuition at eligible postsecondary institutions and the award amount (https://apps.gsfc.org/SecureNextGen/dsp_award_amounts.cfm) is dependent upon the specific institution.

How is my GPA calculated for scholarship purposes?

GSFC calculates the GPA based solely on core course data (English, math, social studies, science, and foreign language only) transmitted from the high school, by June 30, for graduating seniors. GSFC cannot change or alter that data in any way. Any grade discrepancies or errors must be corrected by the high school and then resubmitted to GSFC. Contact your high school counselor if you have questions regarding courses and/or grades.

How do I view my HOPE/Zell Miller GPA?

You may view your HOPE/Zell Miller GPA calculation by logging into your My GAfutures account at www.GAfutures.org.

Test prep time

It’s also time to start studying for the big standardized tests. Depending on the career goals you have developed, you may need to take the PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, or another test. For example, for college, you may need to take the PSAT, SAT, or ACT. For a technical school, you may need to take ACCUPLACER, ACT, SAT, CPE, or ASSET. For the military, you may need to take the ASVAB.

We recommend that you make test prep part of your homework routine.  You can even apply to take tests early in order to get some practice. Colleges, technical schools, and the military will look at your highest score, so you can take it a couple of times and see how you do.



What classes will my 3 year old attend?

All students attend classes in Math and Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Bible and Art.

Do you offer an afterschool program?

Yes, spaces are limited, but we do offer a program until 6:00 pm.

What curriculum do you use?

We use ABeka and Bob Jones for the most part.  We do add additional curriculums to our students when Abeka does not provide enough of a specific subject.

How is Tuition Paid?

We accept online payment through FACTS, which is set on Auto-draft. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  

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